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The JAB_Law Brand Relaunch

Updated: Aug 21

We are relaunching the JAB_Law brand!!

This was a big decision that took a lot of thought. We decided to take the Brand in a more serious direction that focuses more on our new mission statement.

The JAB_Law Brand Mission statement: Our goal is to spread knowledge of the basics of law, entrepreneurship, and all factors relating to self growth. Through this we hope that others may understand their rights, and be inspired to reach their potential, in order to positively impact the lives of as many people as possible. We are here to change the world.

Yes we want to teach about the law, and yes we want to show all our followers that we are a competent firm that can successfully defend the rights of our clients but that is not all that this brand stands for. This brand is not a money grab or a marketing scheme. This is my personal brand that I utilize to to positively impact the lives of as many people as possible. That’s why in 2019 we swear to bring our followers more than just content.

But enough vauge chatter.... what can we actually expect from this brand.

During the relaunching of the brand we will be revealing, creating, and utilizing:
  1. The relaunch of a whole new beta web site that you can check out prior to the launch date at LET US KNOW WHAT TO FIX DURING THE BETA STAGE AND YOU WILL BE OUR NEW BFFS!

  2. The start of our new blog! And guess what? You’re reading the first blog post!

  3. The JAB_Law monthly News Letter! Sign up through the link below today to stay up to date on what the brand is doing!

  4. An expansion of our mission statement in hopes of being more inclusive to others who may positively benefit from our brand.

  5. Many more public speaking events And appearances.

  6. Published scholarly articles.

  7. A brand new JAB_Law merch store.

  8. An all new online booking system for consultations and services. You can give it a try now and save 10% off consultations by visiting and following the link!

  9. And so much more!

We are going to provide motivation, hope, and knowledge as well as valuable interviews with professionals all over the country. We will provide blogs that help our followers get through law school and the bar exam but we will also create blogs that help people improve their mindset, their sleep schedule and so much more.

We are no longer a brand that only focuses on those interested in the legal field. We are a brand that wants to positively impact the lives of any one who comes across our content. Therefore, our content is to cover a much wider array of self growth topics.

I am relaunching this brand so that I can honestly put 100% effort into it. When I first started my law firm I had one goal of positively changing the world. I had $5 in my bank account and the majority of my content was created to self motivate.

Now a year later, I surpassed my yearly revenue goals and have been featured on different publications and podcasts all over the nation. Yet my main goal has not changed in the slightest. It may be years before I have enough influence to impact the whole world but that does not mean I will let my current influence, no matter how small, go to waste.

Therefore, in this next year I will be reaching out to those who have done things much larger than myself.

I will learn to be the perfect student of life, so I can begin my journey to become a teacher of it.

I will be gathering information, knowledge, and wisdom like a sponge so that one day I can share what I learned with those who are willing to listen.

For this reason, my brand will stand for something, my name will stand for something, and no matter what I will work towards my passion every day.

If you want to support the brand stay up to date by signing up for our monthly news letter Here.

Or check out all our merch store here!

Finally you can check our Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook through these links!

Either way I can not thank you all enough for every follow, like, re-post, and all the support you guys offer me.

With all the love in my heart, JAB_Law

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