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Asylum and Refugee Status


Dedicated Cherry Hill attorney assists persecution victims

Dating back to its founding, the United States has served as a safe haven for people fleeing from persecution in their homelands. Presently, U.S. law allows asylees to reside and work legally in this country and eventually to be granted permanent residence. But applying for asylum is not a simple process. Changes in the program mean that establishing eligibility is even more of a challenge now, so you need a qualified immigration attorney who offers honest advice and advocacy. Our firm, the Law Offices of Joshua A. Benjamin, LLC in Cherry Hill, aids clients who are in the United States requesting asylum as well as people outside this country looking to be admitted as legal refugees.

What is asylum? How long does it take to get a decision?

Mr. Benjamin’s knowledge of immigration law, helps clients from around the world understand the key aspects of asylum claims and how they are reviewed by the U.S. Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS). These include:

  • Persecution — Someone who has suffered persecution or has a well-founded fear of persecution due to their race, religion, nationality, membership in a social group or political opinion is eligible to seek asylum in the U.S. We can provide a thorough analysis of whether you or a loved one qualifies under this standard.
  • Temporary protected status — The Department of Homeland Security provides Temporary Protected Status to people from specifically designated countries that have been affected by war, a natural disaster or some other extraordinary circumstance.
  • Application process — Once you arrive in the United States, we offer knowledgeable representation at each stage of the asylum process, from filing the required documents to appearing at the eligibility interview.

New limits and other regulations relating to asylum and refugee applications decrease the chances that a person will be able to gain legal status here. Any mistake or missed deadline could be very costly. Retaining a qualified immigration attorney helps you avoid unnecessary problems.

What are the differences between asylum and refugee status?

Asylum and refugee status are both based on proving a well-founded fear of persecution. The chief difference is that refugees are outside the United States when they apply. If they have fled their native country, they cannot have been firmly resettled in another land. My firm assists with referrals to the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program, which are required to initiate USCIS consideration for refugee status. From there, we work to develop a formidable case for humanitarian relief for those who wish to live safely in the U.S. Upon approval, refugees can receive medical attention, work permits and temporary monetary assistance.

Skillful litigator represents individuals in asylum and refugee appeals

Even if you’ve been rejected for asylum status, our firm might be able to win a reversal of that decision in the appeals process. Rejected applications are referred to Immigration Court for a hearing where you can restate your case and present evidence as to why the initial decision was incorrect. Should the denial remain in effect, we will outline the process for seeking relief before the Board of Immigration Appeals. If that does not succeed, we may be able to petition the U.S. Court of Appeals for review.

Contact a New Jersey lawyer for a free consultation about seeking asylum

If remaining in another country presents a threat to you or someone you know, the Law Offices of Joshua A. Benjamin, LLC can evaluate your situation immediately and discuss eligibility for asylum. Please call our Cherry Hill office at 856-528-8104 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. 

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