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Aggressive New Jersey advocate challenges police and prosecutors

At the Law Offices of Joshua A. Benjamin, LLC in Cherry Hill, we represent clients accused of all types of crimes in New Jersey courts. Through his experience as a Camden County public defender, Mr. Benjamin knows the tactics prosecutors use and he aggressively challenges them when they overreach or seek to introduce prejudicial evidence. No matter what you’ve been charged with, look no further. This is the firm that will fight relentlessly for you and protect your rights

Dedicated firm outlines the basics of New Jersey criminal law

Before you decide how to deal with a criminal charge, you should be aware of the pertinent legal standards. We simplify complex issues when explaining subjects such as:

  • Crimes and degrees — For major offenses, there are four degrees of crime under New Jersey law. First degree crimes, such as murder and aggravated sexual assault, are the most serious. Someone found guilty of those crimes could serve at least 10 years and specific circumstances can lead to longer terms or even a life sentence.
  • Disorderly persons offenses — Crimes punishable by no more than six months in jail are classified as disorderly persons offenses within the state. Simple assault and certain drug charges such as marijuana possession, fall into this category. Petty disorderly offenses carry no more than 30 days in jail.
  • Appeals — If your conviction stemmed from unlawfully obtained evidence or a legal error that occurred during the trial, our firm evaluates the relevant information to determine if an appeal is warranted. When this is the case, we fight to restore justice and secure a reversal of the unjust conviction.

Whether you’ve been arrested in connection with a DUI offense, a charge involving violence or any other alleged misconduct, our firm offers a free consultation and tireless advocacy.

Skillful litigator defends individuals against theft charges

Whether the specific count is shoplifting, theft by deception or any other wrongful taking of money or property, the potential sentence for a theft conviction hinges on the amount stolen. When the value is less than $200, it is a disorderly persons offense. The harshest punishment is for thefts involving at least $75,000. These are second-degree crimes where a sentence can run from five to 10 years.

South Jersey attorney assists people facing weapons charges

New Jersey’s gun laws are among the toughest in the United States. Unlawful possession of a weapon can be charges as a fourth-, third- or second-degree crime depending on the particular circumstances. For example, being caught with an unauthorized machine gun could trigger a sentence of at least five years. Since drug laws vary throughout the U.S., there can be confusion in certain instances about who actually possesses a gun or if the holder was properly licensed. In all types of weapons cases, including matters where other charges are increased due to the presence of a weapon, our firm researches and analyzes the applicable laws in order to make the best case to preserve the freedom of our clients.

Thorough legal counselor advises on how to fight traffic violations

Drivers who use handheld devices to text or make calls violate New Jersey law and might be fined at least $200 for a first offense. But as with other traffic-related violations, proof that someone is actually on their phone behind the wheel can be based on subjective and misleading evidence. In cases stemming from speeding citations, reckless driving allegations and other types of motorist misconduct, we know how to counter unwarranted charges. We help clients in Camden and Burlington counties avoid license points, suspensions, higher insurance costs, fines and jail time associated with traffic offenses.

Contact a Cherry Hill criminal defense lawyer for a free consultation

The Law Offices of Joshua A. Benjamin represents New Jersey clients in a full range of criminal defense matters. Please call 856-528-8104 or contact us online for a free initial consultation at our Cherry Hill office. 

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