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Immigration Law

As a firm we handle all services in relation to immigration matters.  Whether you are interested in a business visa, or you are currently being held in removal proceedings we want to help. The immigration realm is so complex and extensive that it is almost always better to have an attorney by your side, let us be those attorneys and we will ensure that we do everything in our power to keep your mind at ease.

Criminal Defense

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Criminal Defense

Joshua Benjamin has a very intricate knowledge of the workings of the criminal justice system, having worked as a CLI in one of the largest county prosecutors offices in the state of NJ.  The law firm handles most criminal matters. Having experience in everything from traffic tickets to homicide trials, Joshua Benjamin is sure to fight for your rights.

General Practice

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General Practice

From traffic court to Contracts, to landlord-tenant matters, we do it all.  The Law Offices of Joshua A Benjamin, LLC has a goal to ensure everyone is represented and their rights protected.  That's why even if we cannot handle your case at the firm, we will send you several different referrals that may be ableto help, you no matter what kind of case you have.

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